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How to I watch 360 Degree Videos?

Widescreen on steroids

Both Android and now iPhone now supports the YouTube VR 360 degree feature on the regular app.

On your Android mobile phone, launch your YouTube app.  You can search for content, like 360 comedy or 360 horror, or visit the dedicated YouTube 360 channel

To watch a video in virtual reality mode, hold your phone in landscape mode and select the goggle icon before placing in your Freefly VR.

This video goes into more detail about how to get the best results and which our our favorite 360 VR apps.


YouTube now offers live 360 streaming too.  If you catch a live stream, you can view it in the same way.

There are dedicated 360 video apps too.

Discovery VR brings together a collection of natural history and survival dramas.  Download for Android and iPhone.

3D 360 specialists VRSE produces thought-provoking news from Vice such as 360 coverage from the Millions March in New York City, documentaries shown at Sundance and Tibeca Film Festival and even 360 celebrity editions of Jeopardy and Seinfeld.

Upon opening the app, you will be asked if you have a Google Cardboard. Select yes and touch the screen when you see the alert Pull Cardboard Trigger to Start before placing in the Freefly VR.