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How to hang out with your friends in Virtual reality with vTime

Social VR is a growing trend right now and one we are incredibly excited about here at Freefly VR. Social VR describes virtual reality experiences which you can share with others.

Social network giants Facebook have even formed a dedicated social VR team.

Our favorite social VR app is vTime – an amazing application created by Liverpool based vTime Limited.

I got the chance to visit the folks there recently and was hugely impressed with the talent they have there. Some of their plans blew me away!

vTime is a completely free app is fully compatible with the Freefly VR which you use to socialize with family and friends in a growing library of incredible virtual environments.

When we last tried, our graphic designer Sam took us on a tour. We traveled in a luxury private aircraft to a serene lake, chatted on a scary cliff face, laughed as a snake slithered towards me around a camp fire and flew above a real 360 photo of Liverpool.

There were four of us, all in different areas of London(in the real world!), chatting and engaging in various fantasy worlds.

3D audio, accurate mouth movements as you talk and even environment specific echoes all serve to anchor you into the virtual world. You can even accept new people into your session. We ‘met’ a guy called Alex from Alaska where we joked about the comparisons between British and American comedy, after the initial awkwardness of a stranger joining the party.

To get started it is really easy. Download the app from the Google Play store (An iPhone version is coming in the summer).

Create an account and be sure to download the updates.

Select VR mode and create your avatar. There are literally thousands of combinations. Get your friends to download vTime so you can share experiences with them. You will need to connect to them before you can interact with them. We find the easiest way to do this via the desktop application (

You can add your friends from there. They will then appear in your friends list within the vTime app. You can even take selfies of your moments later and view them in the real world!

And that all there is to it!

You do not require any form of controller either.